What is Leadership About?


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Welcome to Follow The Leader.

If you are employed in the mind boggling but rewarding world of managing people and leading them through the highs and lows of management of a business I am here to help. Whatever your position, sector or business, age or scale in the management world this blog is for you.

Leadership Vs management? How to be a good manager? Am I a manager and leader? What is the difference?

The path is never smooth of course as we are dealing with people. But for every situation there of course is an answer. The challenges are varied:

  • Working as a team
  • Working IN a team
  • Trusting your gut
  • Leaders Vs Managers
  • Strategy in Management
  • Culture of change

Whatever the scenario you face, ultimately, the pressures and strains of managing humans is at best a challenge and at worst leaves you shaking your head in disbelief at the answers you will receive: 

that’s the way we have always done it”

“I’m trying as hard as I can”

“I’ve worked for this company for 25 years…..you’ve only been here 12 months”

“It might be in my job description, but I’ve never been managed to that before”

Fear not. You are not alone. If you think for one minute that every managerial/leadership role is plain sailing, I can tell you without question it’s not. No, you don’t need an MBA (but it helps) or a recognised degree in management (that helps as well) to be successful. 

Managing and leading your team is daunting regardless of how young or old you are. That said, with the right signposts and guidance I will show you how to get the right people on the bus in the right seats and choose the destination of your companies’ choice.

So why might I be able to help you?

Well I have spent many years of my working career within private industry and I know how the system works but more importantly what doesn’t work.  I’ve only got to know how it works with a mixture of failure (yes, I have failed spectacularly), great mentors and learning as much as I can as how to motivate employees. I have a degree in business management and over 35 years’ experience in both logistics, manufacturing, packaging & transport. In short, its not about the sector ….its all about the people.

Its all about the people…. isn’t it?

Like you, I faced the pressures of increased targets with reduced staff, bullies, employees who bullet dodged for 25 years and MDs/CEOs who were let’s say…… unusual. Ultimately though, regardless of those roadblocks the show does go on. That said, if I’d have had an ounce of the advice that I have written within this blog the route would have been easier and quite frankly less stressful.

But How?

Ultimately you have 3 scenarios before you get to the promised land:

  1. Congratulations….the car has been ordered, the new salary confirmed. The private health cover agreed and the fabulous bonus structure of X% of your new salary. Oh yes…. now you must manage these 75 members of staff.
  2. Commiserations ….the staff are unmotivated, there has been no pay rise, the forecast is too high and you can’t recruit any more staff. Not a happy camp!
  3. Brilliant! The team are performing over budget, the bonus has been paid and everything is absolutely grand! You’ve just got to keep that up now….and keep that team motivated.

Either way the culture of change is constant. Key staff do leave, employees relocate and a headhunter does offer your succession planned No2 an extra £30k per year more.

Regardless of how long you have been in your management role it’s important to ensure you understand the main principles of your role. The learning in organisations is key. Quite literally put your feet to the flames and answer as honestly as you can:

Step 1. Pay yourself first.

  1. Do you thoroughly understand your job description?
  2. Is your remuneration package correct or effective? 
  3. Do you have a personal development plan?

Step 2. Who’s on the bus?

  1. Do you have the right team/tools or are you just making do?
  2. Will that team follow you or start a meeting once the meeting finishes?
  3. Are the right people sat in the right seats?

Step 3. Where are we going?

  1. Do you have a strategy?
  2. Is everybody aware and bought into the strategy?
  3. What is your plan B?

Managing people is after all simple just like the children’s game “Follow My Leader” but never easy if not played properly. If you follow and adopt the workings in this blog and action them in your everyday working life you will be an effective if not successful manager & realise the game is easy……. depending on what your endgame is of course? 

Shall we play? Ok…Follow The leader………


  1. This blog was a delight to read! It highlights relatable situations that most people have faced in business. Would recommend anyone to read who maybe going through some of the situations highlighted in the blog. Well done!

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