Business Case Studies

This is where we offer you some great examples of case studies of management & leadership. These are available in a whole host of different ways from Pdfs to online articles to original documents. In all instances we are highlighting information that you can consume and refer/use in your day to day work.

No format to this section…start at the beginning and work down…..let’s see what the tide brings in.

Southwest Airlines case study

Evaluates the leadership style of the CEO Herb Kelleher who transformed the low cost flight business that Ryan Air & Easy Jet enjoy today. Written by Robert Cote this excellent piece goes into detail of how vision & culture can take a company from humble beginnings to a multi million dollar business. Look for Herbs 14 point mantra for leadership.

Amazon business case study

The actual letter that Jeff Bezos sends each year to the Amazon shareholders. In this instance 2020, but always backed with his original shareholders letter of 1997. This is a key lesson in management communication coupled with a humbled reminder of where the business has come from.

Innocent drinks business case study

A fabulous case study which details the making and growth of Innocent drinks. Hard to believe this company only started in 1999 but already have a major market share in the drinks industry. Started by 3 friends they eventually sold part of the business to Coca Cola but always maintaining the mantra that the employees lead the innovation, learn from failure whilst ensuring the management team are always visible. business case study

How has a business which started in 2000 in the UK become the No 1 retailer of electrical goods? From a £1 bet with a friend this business has developed into a multi-million pound company with the emphasis on people, culture & customer service. The customer focus is “treat every customer like your gran”! If you are looking at how culture drives a business this is for you. Then wallow in the guilt that you don’t provide this for your people.

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