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Articles blatantly stolen (but legal) from media publications regarding business and management from all walks of life. Some articles are great, some are bizarre and some are even just plain mad! Either way they are a great learning tool for all business resources……..

Psychopath boss

Help! My boss is a psychopath.

This excellent article reviews the distasteful side of management when your boss (or you) turns out to be a 100% fruitcake psychopath. Bullying, manipulation and blatant disregard for the truth are discussed. You can even do an online test! Be careful what you wish for.

why did Nokia fail

Why did Nokia Fail and can you learn from it?

In the late 90’s Nokia totally dominated the mobile phone market but in a period of 6 years the market value of Nokia nose dived by 90%! What caused this monumental collapse of a household name and why did they not see Apple coming? Look for the 3 reasons why business observers think they failed. Chilling!

the rise and fall of blockbuster

The rise and fall of Blockbuster.

In the late 90’s Blockbuster employed over 84,000 staff worldwide at 9,000 stores. Much to my annoyance, as I was one of them, they collected over $800m in late fines alone! Then Netflix arrived in 1997. A great example of managing change and how a vision of where a business “should go” rather than where the board “want it to go”.

boss is a bully

When the bully is the boss.

The ultimate question of how do abusive bullies rise through the ranks? The findings are startling in that you can hold people accountable without having a screaming fit.

build a great team

10 steps to build a great team.

The 10 expectations that your team will expect from a manager. Of course it’s a 2 way street but we should be always mindful of what we have to offer the staff we manage. My favourite is “standing up for the team”……..unless of course you would throw them under the bus at any opportunity?


Does the leadership industry rule?

A fascinating look at leadership and the value of. The remarks regards charismatic CEOs are of interest to all managers who report to the person at the top. Do you have a “rock star” CEO? Filling the leaderships roles is difficult and here we see why.

strategy and business

Do you really want a CEO to be a role model?

This article examines the idea that not all brilliant CEOs are role models in today’s business. The reasoning of course is that they produce extraordinary products and results. On these premises alone they are excused of abnormal and peculiar behaviour. Wonderful advice is given as to how to benchmark your ideals and vaccine yourself against catching the dreaded “mogul” virus.

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